I’ve made a calendar for 2017. The image is a version of the Peaceable Kingdom. It is a 12″ x 18″ poster, printed by G&H printing on heavy manila tagboard. They are for sale for $10 each – 100% of the sale price will be donated to the ACLU. I’ll have them at the Ravenna Craft Sale on December 3rd (details below) . Thanks!Paschkis 2017-calendar


I’ll be taking part in the Ravenna Crafts Fair on December 3rd. I’ll have books, coloring books, prints and scarves there. It’s at 6535 Ravenna Ave NE, tucked just north of 65th (enter from Ravenna Ave.). Please come by!raveckholiart16-web1200x630_1pg

There will be lots of crafts, food and a good feeling of community.24-25-festival








7 responses to “Events

  1. Do you teach classes? If so are you ever in the Oregon area.


  2. Do you think that you will come to Arizona?


  3. What about long-distance coaching/mentoring? Might you have time for a little of that? Needing some direction with my work and love what you do.


    • Thanks for your message. I don’t want to do any official mentoring or coaching, but I would be happy to have a phone conversation with you about your work. I am out of town until Sunday. If you would like to talk please email me next week at and we can figure out a time.


  4. Do you have a quilt show coming up near LaConner?
    Enjoyed your Edison exhibit at i.e. gallery!


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