Here are some pages for you to download and color in.

Every Sunday or Monday at least two new pages will be addedI will include some toner-heavy images – but not too many.

If you would like to get a monthly email with a link to new pages, please email me at with the subject line “Coloring Pages notification”. Feel free to share the pages with anybody.

paprika coloring book cover web

I’ve made a coloring book out of 21 of my favorite pages. You can buy it HERE for $10. THANKS!  (I will continue posting free pages to this site.)

Please click on the name of the coloring page, directly below the image. That will link you to a pdf that you can download and print. Have fun, and don’t worry about coloring inside the lines.

flowers for mom

174 flowers for mom


173 fraulein

two headed horse

172 two headed horse

radish family

171 radish family

log cabin

170 log cabin

This page is by guest artist Benjamin Kaye, aged 9.

Scanned Documents

169 benji star

april showers bring

168 april showers bring

cloud cover

167 cloud cover

lion by the river

166 lion by the river

say-what165 say what?

birds and blossoms

164 birds and blossoms

social hour

163 social hour

pencil jug

162 pencil jug


easter bunny

160 easter bunny


159 mermaid

158 out like a lamb

158 in like a lion, out like a lamb

It’s pysanky time again. I posted this one last year – you can design a new egg this year.

157 pysanka coloring

157 pysanka coloring

156 flourishes

155 ka-bloom

154 bus stop

153 moving day

152 squarely there

151 parrots parroting

150 in good hands

149 nice mice

The following image is by guest artist Benjamin Kaye, aged 9.

148 containers by benji

147 fresh bread

146 snowbot

145 arrows

144 be my sun and moon

143 a mutlitude of hearts

142 love you

141 vases or faces

140 hanging aroundo

139 spectacles

138 song of innocence

137 mercer tile

Here is a new image by guest artist Benji Kaye, age 9.

136 -sword of benji

135 sliding board

134 raining cats and dogs

133 leaves

132 guardians

131 amulets

Happy New Year!


130 road trip

129 sheepish

128 ornaments

127 gingerbread cookies

126 decorations


Here is a special selection of 15 holiday images, all drawn by my mother Marcia Iliff Paschkis. She drew these Christmas cards over many years and sent them to friends and family.

angel and reindeer


christmas board game


holiday house

in the stable

jaunty orchestra

making cookies



little child

peaceable kingdom


santa’s whale

snowy fields


hanukkah 111

decorations 110

toys 109

108 december tree

107 – trees

106 crowning glory

105 hidden faces

104 handy turkey

103 board game

102 butterflies and air currents

101 big boot

100 embroidered dress

99 mouse mazurka

98 Topsy Turtles

97 maybe

96 -questions

Here are three pages for Halloween. You can color in the masks, then wear them.

95 angles and bird mask

94 cat and flower masks

93 trick or treat

92 multitude of suns

91 the man and the moon

This one has a lot of blank space. You could draw your own world around it!

90 once i had long hair

89 big butterfly

88 meet and greet

87 mod bouquet

86 fashionistas

85 lion boxes

84 bouquet

83 goose

82 vote sign

81 ripe tomatoes

80 fruitbowl

79 frog

77 watery world

76 sun and sunflowers

75 bird and beast

74 summer shirts

73 eine kleine bug music

72 wooden toys

71 heart and hand

70 underwater

69 Oh Yes

68 midnight conversation

67 Countdown

66 ice cream vendor

65 lanterns and moths

64 paths

63 doodle dude

62 mermaid

Here is another page from guest artist Benjamin Kaye, age 8.
It is called Fancy Pies. His mother, Amy, bakes amazing pies.

61 Fancy Pies Benji

60 cat and mouse palace

59 feathered friends

58 Phunny Phamily

57 cosy the cat

56 ice cream is ducky

55 owl

54 baseball

53 Bug Quadrille

52 Blockheads

51 backbend

50 lady liberty

49 around the town

48 buskers

47 creatures

46 portrait gallery

45 crazy quilt

44 kantha boat

43 flutter by

42 new clothes

40 pencils

39 arise

38 peaceable lion

36 the depths

This page was drawn by guest artist Benjamin Kaye, age 8. Thank you Ben!

35 Ben Kaye Still Life

34 sisters

33 zoom meeting

32 venado

31 sweet treats

30 nice hair

29 alphabet

28 kingfish

27 hide and squirrel

26 fleet of foot

25 elephants

24 Trojan dog

23 in the dragon

22 bird with sensible shoes

21 mod shoes coloring

20 hats

19 bug on a bike

18 knit socks

17 new moon

16 cat’s daydream

15 equestrian

14 tucked in

13 city stairways

12 crowns

11 tea party

10 pysanka coloring

9.egg hunt

8. inward coloring page

7.robot coloring page

6.ornate bird coloring page

5. let’s dance coloring page

4.wutz-it? coloring page

3.sun coloring page

cat coloring page

turtle walker coloring page