I love wearing scarves on my head and around my neck. I use them to add spice to outfits and to keep warm. And I use them as tablecloths on small tables.

Here are some scarves that I have designed. You can buy them at the gift shops at the Seattle Art Museum and the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

Menagerie (cotton 27″ square):


Acrobaticats (Silk and cotton 36″ square)

Blue Moon:

Sun Swoon:

Summer Birds:

I used to design fabric for In the Beginning Fabrics. This was a great opportunity and pleasure.

Fabric is like fruit: it has a short shelf life. Once a new design is released it is available for a season and then retired. For this reason it is hard for me to put links to buy fabric: the links quickly become obsolete. The best way for you to find my fabric on-line is to do a google search with the words “Paschkis, In the Beginning Fabric” and the name of the line if you know it.

Here are some samples of my fabric designs.


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