I love wearing scarves on my head and around my neck. I use them to add spice to outfits and to keep warm. And I use them as tablecloths on small tables.

Here are some scarves that I have designed. You can buy them at the gift shops at the Seattle Art Museum and the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

Menagerie (cotton 27″ square):


Acrobaticats (Silk and cotton 36″ square)

Blue Moon:

Sun Swoon:

Summer Birds:

I used to design fabric for In the Beginning Fabrics. This was a great opportunity and pleasure.

Fabric is like fruit: it has a short shelf life. Once a new design is released it is available for a season and then retired. For this reason it is hard for me to put links to buy fabric: the links quickly become obsolete. The best way for you to find my fabric on-line is to do a google search with the words “Paschkis, In the Beginning Fabric” and the name of the line if you know it.

Here are some samples of my fabric designs.


6 responses to “Fabric

  1. Where can i Purchase your fabric?


    • Julie Paschkis

      In the Seattle area both Gathering Fabric and Pacific Fabrics usually have some of my designs. On-line you can usually buy the current line at Paducah of Kentucky. The next line to come out is Azuli, later in July. Quilterstudio.com has several older designs.


  2. Excellent scarf designs. I am sure they also look great as decorative tablecloths


  3. any new lines coming out soon? I’ve followed what you do, and have loved it. hard to find now though.


    • Julie Paschkis

      Thanks for your message.I designed a line of Fabric for In the Beginning called SNOWY which came out this past winter.
      I don’t have anything else in the pipeline there.


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